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What is a domain and hosting?

Domain and Hosting are two important things needed while creating a website.
What is a domain name: before the internet grew this far, we need to have an IP been typed in the browser to visit a particular page. 

That was when the idea of using a name instead of an IP, and that is what is now referred to as a domain name. Let’s quickly move to an example or examples of a domain name. 

Examples of a Domain name: example domain name is google.com, facebook.com , linkedin.com
Then there’s another important thing that you need to know about the domain name there’s also what we call domain extension. A typical example of a domain extension is: .uk, .org, .com.ng, .com. Do domain extensions affect SEO?

Now that we have an idea of what a domain name means and samples or examples of a domain name now we have to move to Cloud hosting , what cloud hosting means, and how important it is to get into a website. 

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is where your website files are being kept which means it has an interface where the file manager and the domain name DNS are being configured. 

Types of cloud hosting: 

Shared Hosting: one type of cloud hosting is shared hosting, and it is the most commonly used. Hosting providers actually share their sever specifications into bits to form a shared hosting which means you have a lot of people hosted on a single server. 

VPS: VPS is also a cloud hosting package but the difference between VPS and shared hosting is that you have better control over the Sever System compared to Shared hosting. 

Dedicated Server: dedicated server in the case of a dedicated server you don’t need to share the system with anybody which means you have control over the system and at the same time you will not have to share a server with anybody. 

I hope by now you should know what a domain and hosting mean to a website. 



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