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What is the amp? Beginners Guide

What is the amp?
Amp means accelerated mobile pages and to get an amp you just need to use the documentation for the amp to integrate into your website.

So before we proceed my name is Akinyemi Alamu and I’ll be introducing you to Accelerated mobile pages and their usefulness.

A couple of years ago Google came up with a new update called and mobile-first index. And according to the update, Google will Focus more on mobile-first experience, which we have seen in most of their updates using Google webmaster tools where we have Google Bots first testing through your mobile version of your website before the desktop version.

As you all know the mobile experience is growing which means mobile is taking over the whole industry compared to the old times when we usually use our laptops to always browse the internet now mobile devices are used more than desktop devices, so I feel that’s the reason why Google made this particular update. 

After the mobile-first index was announced Google launched accelerated mobile pages with the short form AMP. This particular version is known to be very fast, which means your website can load instantly without any delay. 

After the update, we also saw Google favoring amp pages more than other pages on Google search results. 

After seeing this update a lot of blogs, Publishers, News platforms, and e-commerce platforms started to implement amp to serve their users better and show more on Google Search Results.

How to implement AMP

So if you’re using WordPress you can easily install or activate or implement the amp new update via your WordPress website. 

All you need to do is to go to the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard and type or search for AMP then you will find a lot of amp plugins that you can easily activate in one click. 

Do you have any questions about amp please use the comments section to request anything I’ll reply to you with the solutions or answers



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