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Social Media Marketing | Beginners Guide 

Hi, guys thanks for viewing this article on social media marketing in this part of my text I’ll be showing you or explaining the types and what social media marketing means.

Now let’s proceed to what Social Media marketing means, just as the name implies social media marketing is a way of marketing on social media or using social media platforms for marketing. It simply means marketing to social media users or let me say using social media to improve your business. 
Types of social media marketing channels or platforms.

1. Facebook marketing: Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world and it’s very very effective in terms of social marketing. In my other articles, I would be sharing how to effectively run social campaigns and also properly manage your social media platforms, especially Facebook in my other articles. 

2. Twitter social media marketing: Twitter is also one of the tops is all media platforms that can be used to connect with a wide range of people and target a kind of audience relieved with your audience mostly by sharing tweets. 

3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also a platform that can enable you to connect with people in the career sector in various Industries.

4. Instagram: Instagram social media marketing is mostly used by brands who want to showcase their product or service using videos this works much better for videos. However, you can run your Instagram Ads from Facebook I mean you can run Instagram ads from Facebook. 

5. Whatsapp: Especially Whats app Business

The main aim of actually running a social media marketing campaign is connecting with your clients or customers. 

Please if you have any questions about a social media marketing or you would like to run a social media campaign or you would like to learn how to run a social media campaign you can navigate to the contact us section of our website to reach out to us or call 08069148899



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