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What is Digital Marketing or the meaning of Digital Marketing | Introduction For Beginners

Hi, My name is Akinyemi Alamu and in this part of my article, I would explain what is the meaning of Digital marketing? This is a Digital Marketing introduction for beginners.

Digital Marketing Introduction

Digital Marketing from the words implies marketing anything using Digital channels or platforms.

According to the Climaxbox school of thought, I refer to Digital marketing as New Age marketing compared to the use of Old methods of marketing such as newspapers, flyers…….

Difference between Online Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Both are almost similar because Online Marketing is a Subtype of Digital marketing, which means you can say Online marketing is also a type of Digital marketing but Digital Marketing is the bigger picture.

Online Marketing only implies marketing through online platforms and channels such as Google Ads(Display and Search), Social Media Marketing.

While Digital Marketing can include, Digital billboards and so on.

Type or examples of Digital Marketing and its Channels

1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on…)

2. Digital Billboards

3. Search Engine Marketing {SEM}( Organic Search Marketing and Paid Search Marketing).

4. Display Advertising ( Google Ads which includes Youtube Advertising…)

Learn about Digital Marketing in Nigeria.

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