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What are SEO website Backlinks? And how it works

Hi Guys my name is Akinyemi Alamu and in this part of my article I would be discussing

Let’s start with what a backlink means and pictorial examples of a backlink.

A backlink is a way of referring to another page or post of a website, using hyperlinks, therefore making it easy to access the refereed post or Page.

For example, if I want to point out a resource from Google’s Page speed website then I would need to add a backlink to the Google Page speed website making it easy for you to see the Page speed page using a Hyperlink.

Now let’s proceed to the types of Backlink :

According to the Climaxbox school of thought, there are two times to Backlink

1. Outbound Backlinking
2. Inbound Backlinking

Both work so fine, the idea is just for readers to be able to find referred pages easily be it outbound or inbound.

What is outbound Backlinking or Link Building: This is the process by which your website gets referred by another website. This means you are getting referrals from another website through hyperlinks. Imagine getting referred from an article on a popular journal website.

What is inbound Backlinking or Link Building: This is the process of getting referred within the website, for example, if I have written about a particular topic on my blog I can then refer you to the post already written with a hyperlink.

Importance of Backlink or Link Building to your Website and SEO.

These two methods help to boost SEO because it makes websites more accessible to Google bots or other Search Engine Bots. Making it possible to show up faster when Search engines are considering websites on search results based on users’ queries.

Another reason is apart bots have been able to reach your website better it also makes it easy for your readers to navigate your website better and understand its content.

Lastly, it boosts the authority and trust of your website, which means the more quality backlinks you get the better Search engines might trust your website. This means if you get backlinks from less trusted websites this could also affect the trust of Search engines like Google on your website.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

It’s really simple but takes consistency and a lot of hard work to get quality backlinks.

1.  Create quality and resourceful content: One of the best free methods to get quality referrals to your blog, is to create good content, which will make a lot of websites credit your website with backlinks, and if your website is been copied without crediting you with a backlink then you can also contact the website owner and credit request. However, a lot of credible websites give backlinks even without asking.

2. Submit your websites to Directories: This works perfectly well for business websites, there are a lot of Directories on the web and you can submit to as many as possible. A Good example is Google my Business Directory.

How to find out how many backlinks a website has

There are many tools out there that can enable you to check how many backlinks a website has,

1. Moz SEO tool
2.   https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

Thanks for reading through, please if you have any questions feel free to drop your comment below. 



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