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Hi guys my name is Akinyemi Alamu and in part of my article, I will like to introduce you to the word PPC in Digital Marketing. After reading this article you will understand the following :

1. Meaning of PPC in Digital Marketing 

2. Ads network and Platforms that make use of PPC.

3. How PPC campaigns can benefit your Business in Digital Marketing. 

Let’s start with what PPC Means in Digital Marketing. The full meaning of PPC is Pay Per click, which means you will be charged whenever your Ads are been clicked on, or let’s say you will pay whenever your ads are clicked as advertisers, and as a publisher, you will earn whenever people click on ads that show on your website or affiliate link. 

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Ads Network and Platforms that make use of the Pay Per Click Mode. 

A lot of ads network on the platform make use of the Pay Per Click Model, for example, Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, and so on. 

The whole idea is for Advertisers to pay when their ads are clicked on while running a Digital Marketing Campaign. 

How can PPC campaigns benefit your business? 

If you are trying to sell or drive traffic to your website then PPC campaigns are best suited for your Ads campaign because you will only get to pay only when your ads are been clicked on not when your ads are been viewed known to have impressions. 

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