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Keyword Finder Tool for Every Niche | SEO

Hi, Guys am Akinyemi Alamu and am here to share with you tips on how to do Keyword Research for free, for every niche or any niche of your choice.

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There are so many keyword finder tools some are paid while some are free. In this part of my article on the Keyword finder tool you will understand the following :

1. What do keywords mean to your website and content. 

2. How to Find Keywords both free and Paid.

3. How to use the short keywords to find more search long-tail keywords. 

Let’s understand what keywords mean to a website or content.
Keywords are what search engines use to pull out results for people searching the web. For example, if am hoping to learn about [SEO]  might search for “Meaning of SEO” the keyword in this context is *SEO* which Google will use to pull out information and content for the meaning of SEO. 

So only those who have the keyword the person is searching for would show up. 
This is why keyword research is important to publishers or content creators. 

How to Find Keywords both Free and Paid. 

1. Google Keyword Planner: This is a Free Tool that enables you to get Keywords volume, worth, and forecast which people are searching for on Google Search Engine. This seems to be the best keyword finder so far that is free, all you need is to sign up for Google Ads to access the tool. Not to worry you won’t be charged for using the tool. 

2. kW Finder: This SEO has both paid and free features, with this tool you can find new keywords, get keyword search volumes with historical data for any niche of your choice. This tool can also suggest related keywords. 

3. Google Trends: This is also a good free tool that can enable you to know the trending keywords based on any search term or topic, plus the states and countries that have spikes for the keywords. I have used this tool for several years and it works like charm. 

How to use short keywords to find long-tail keywords for your niche. 

It’s pretty simple to copy the keywords you find on Google keyword planner, KW finder, or Google trend and paste them on Google Search. Then scroll to the bottom of the search, Google suggests a few long-tail keywords that could be useful for people so you can use that to write content. 

Thanks for reading, please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below 



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