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Hi, guys am Akinyemi Alamu and in this part of my article, I will be introducing you to Best VPS Hosting Providers. 

After reading this article you will understand the following : 

1. What VPS Means 

2. List of Best Hosting Providers 

3. VPS Management

Let’s start with what VPS Hosting means, the full meaning of VPS is a virtual private server. This virtual private server is been sold to customers who want better control over their server compared to shared hosting which has a lot of look limitations based on the plans set by the hosting providers. 

Shared hosting is as the name implies can be split up from a virtual private server. Just like having a single building and then sharing it with rooms for more people. 

Now those who don’t want to share a lot of resources and perhaps want to have a little more control than what they have on a shared hosting plan, then can opt-in for a virtual private server which is more expensive. In one of my articles, I will also share more information about dedicated virtual servers over which you will have total control. 

List of VPS Hosting Providers. 

There is a lot of VPS Hosting providers most hosting companies offer to set VPS for their customers. So I will mention only a few…

1. Godaddy VPS Hosting Provider.

2. Namecheap VPS Hosting Provider.

3. Bluehost VPS Hosting Provider. 

Cheap Cpanel hosting Plans you should know about

Managing VPS is another task you have to consider while getting a VPS in most cases it’s better to purchase a VPS with WHM which will make it easy to manage the interface instead of the normal CMD interface of the sever. WHM will make it easy to manage the Sever.

If you have any questions on VPS don’t hesitate to comment below or call +2348069148899 and I will be glad to assist you further. 



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