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Hi guys, am Akinyemi, and thanks for viewing one of my articles on Think with Akinyemi.

Am sure that you are curious to learn if Domain extensions affect SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

First, let’s start with what a domain extension means. An example of a domain extension is .com, .ng, .uk, .org, .xyz, and so on. It is sold alongside a domain name to signify what your name is all about. For example, an education for a registered institution would use .edu as a domain extension.

The question now is does this extension affect SEO?

From experience it does, however, Google may use it to serve users better. The major things that google uses are URLs or domain names which are used to associate with the niche the website is about.

There are also some other things google uses such as breadcrumbs and Schema mark which helps google to understand your website better and give an edge over other competitors of the search result.


Breadcrumbs and schema markup also help websites to show is a special way on search results which can increase the CTR (Click through Rate) of the website on search results.

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