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How to boost the Sales of your Product and services with Facebook Marketing and avoid wastage of Funds | Think like a professional

Hi guys, welcome to another series on Think with Akinyemi, in this part of my article I would be sharing insight on how to use Social Media Marketing, on Facebook to boost the sales of your product and services. Upon reading this part of my article on Facebook marketing, you will be able to narrow down the audience and avoid wasting your marketing funds.

In Facebook Marketing just like any other marketing channel or technique it is easy to waste resources especially the marketing budget (Money).

So have you been running ads on Facebook and not getting value for running of Ads?

Then I got you covered, in this part of my article on Facebook Marketing. Henceforth you will learn to think like a pro and manage your budgets / Money properly.

Why should I narrow my Audience, instead of picking a smart audience targeting method on Facebook?

It’s simple we online marketers narrow audiences for us to get value for the Ads we run on Facebook. Facebook has made it possible for anyone willing to run ads to select an audience of their choice such as people who are already interested in your product and services through their phone history, the type of gender you will like to target Male or Female, Location and Age group in which you will like to target. This makes it easy for you to get value for the ads you want to run.

Let me share an example: Company A sells female wears and wishes to use Facebook marketing to reach out to customers who might be willing to buy female wears.

Company A then would only select the female gender in the audience targeting feature and also select those who are interested in women’s clothing.

During Val periods, company A can select Males of a particular age only and propel them through the description to buy the female wears as gifts for there girlfriends or Wives. That makes sense right?

That’s why we target and narrow down our audience.

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See pictures below on how to narrow down the audience in Facebook marketing.

Mobile View

Desktop view



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