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How to host a website on google cloud

Hey guys, am Akinyemi, and on this part of my article on Think with Akinyemi, I would be sharing with you how to host a website on Google Cloud. Upon reading this article on How to host a website on Google, you will be able to set up hosting on Google Cloud.

First let’s talk about Google Cloud , if you wish to host your website on one of the most secure hosting companies in the world then maybe Google Cloud might be your best shot.

As you know, Google is one of the most trustworthy companies in the world perhaps because of there widely used search engine that enables a lot of people to get answers when they search on Google Search engine , Google also as not stopped creating more products apart from the search engine they are known for but as further created some other internet products which Cloud Hosting is one of them. Cloud Hosting is still the same as the well known cpanel shared hosting that is widely used.

On Google Cloud hosting you can purchase any type of domain name and emails of your choice. According to them you can create robust websites without any coding knowledge, is that not nice? So even if your are trying to create an e-commerce website you can do that on Google Cloud Hosting without coding knowledge.

On Google Cloud Hosting Domains are purchased $7 per year.

Let’s get back to the Hosting part, on Cloud hosting just like other hosting companies you can build your blogs and static website with WordPress just with a click and you will be able to get it installed.

One of the best part of using Google Cloud hosting is having access to forebase CDN Features. CDN means Content Delivery Network which means your data will be available on there data centers around the world making it easy for your website to be accessible faster when users try to visit your website.

You can start a Free trail here to see how it works.

Thanks for reading my article on Google Cloud Hosting, hopefully you have been able to setup your hosting environment.


Akinyemi Alamu

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