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In this part of my article, I would be sharing insight on the meaning of Digital marketing according to Climaxbox school of thought on marketing.

The word Digital is what I refer to as the new age marketing because it involves using new technologies for marketing compared to the old method of marketing or advertising using fliers, Newspapers, wall posters, and so on. In this new age, there is a drastic shift in channels or methods used in marketing, now days people use Digital billboards, Social media, Display advertising, search marketing, and other online marketing channels to market or reach out to a particular audience.

Is there a difference between the terms Digital Marketing and Online Marketing?

According to the Climaxbox school of thought, there is a slight difference, digital marketing is broad, while online marketing is a part or subtype of digital marketing.

Here is an example that describes the slight difference between digital marketing and Online marketing. Digital Billboards are a type of Digital Marketing but not an Online marketing Channel, however, we can still say that Display advertising using Google Ads can be referred to as a Digital Marketing technique or channel and also an Online marketing Technique and Channel.

Though the terms digital marketing and Online marketing are interchangeably used as a professional, you should understand when to use the terms appropriately.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for your Business?

It’s quite simple just like the traditional way of marketing the goal is to reach a particular audience that later or instantly converts or becomes customers.

As I said earlier, technology has taken over a lot of people who could be your customers are not using digital devices such as smartphones, smart Television, and other internet devices that enable them to connect with the world.

So if you will like your business to grow then you need to be there at the moment when these digitally endowed people are using their devices. That’s where Digital marketing comes into play and that’s why it is important for your business.

How can I leverage Digital Marketing for my Business?

This is so simple, so don’t sleep on just like they say on the street.

Step 1. Set up a Website or get a Page created Online this is the one step to bring your Business Online and you can do that with Google my Business, Social Media Pages, Directories, and so on. You can Contact Climaxbox for more information.

Step 2. Run Ads that matter to your business, I know one way or the other you have seen ads pop up on your mobile phone via youtube, social media platforms, popular websites that you visit, and so on. Those businesses that you see in their ads have taken advantage of digital Advertising and are using that to promote their business.

Type of Digital Marketing Channels and Techniques

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Digital Billboards……

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