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5 Google Free Tools that would enable you to Grow your Small Business in 2022.

Hi guys, this is another digital marketing article series on Think with Akinyemi. And in this part of my article I would be sharing 5 tools that would enable you to grow your business in 2022, as per my experience in online marketing, I understand growing a business from starch is a lot of work and you need tools that would enable you to get accurate customer data, making better marketing decisions and increase traffic to your website.

After reading my article on tools to grow your business in 2022, you should understand the usefulness of the tools and how they can be used to impact your business positively.

  1. Google my Business: This is the number one tool that can make your business stand out online in 2022. Perhaps you have noticed that when you search for some product or services on Google you find some list, including their location like the picture below.

You might be wondering how your business profile can also be found on Google for free. Here comes your answer, Google my business, all you have to do is visit the link here and then register your business. Check one of my articles here about adding your Business to Google my Business.

  1. Google Trend : Perhaps you have not heard of Google trend, or you don’t understand how it can add value to your business, here is the answer. Google trends enable you to look out for what’s trending in your industry and this would enable you follow the trend and Also make better marketing decisions.

Most importantly you need to select the country you are targeting and then get an insight.

In marketing Data enables us to make better decisions on how to grow our business, target the right audience and make our leads turn to customers.

So as a digital marketing Agency I would love to know how people People think about the digital marketing industry, the states in which there spikes in requests for digital marketing services, how the interest has been over the years, and what the future holds about the business it’s self-using the breakout keywords.

Now have discovered that since the last 12 months people in the below states have been showing interest in Digital Marketing and Oyo State seems to be Number one on the list. That makes a lot of sense right? Because am the number one Digital Marketing Agency in Ibadan. Oyo State Nigeria.

This would also enable me to target people on the top lists while running paid campaigns for my digital marketing company or agency. This makes sense right? Another data that might be useful to me on the Google trend tool is the quires and breakout in related topics.

For example, I can also see that a lot more people are asking about What is Digital Marketing? And seems also to be looking out for digital marketing courses. That makes a lot of sense now and shows the kind of things I should be focusing on.

Now you can see how this data from google trends can be useful to your business in 2022

  1. Google keyword planner: This is another tool that complements Google trend and it also helps you to discover keyword ideas and forecasts that would enable you to create content, know what your customers are looking for more, audience location where you will likely get more conversions for your paid promotions especially from Google Search engine.

This tool enables you to have an idea of how much Google will charge you (CPC) per click when you run campaigns on the Google Search network. See Details here

  1. Google Market Finder: This tool will enable you to identify new potential markets just by putting your website address in the space required. See here for details
  1. Google Marketing kits: This enables you to create free marketing materials. See details here

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